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Today, government and business alike face threats unlike ever before.  Advanced technologies and cybersecurity are critical to business success, personal safety, and national security. Welcome to the Telos Media Center, where you'll gain insight into current trends in these most critical issues of our day. We encourage you to share this content and to join the conversation through these multimedia formats:
  • Empower and Protect - Telos subject matter experts offer their insights into current trends and developments in cybersecurity and information technology.
  • A View from the Wood - Telos CEO John Wood shares his ideas and passion for technology education, building a sustainable workforce, and the values that guide us.
  • CyberView Podcast - Hear experts from government and industry discuss critical issues facing cybersecurity experts today.

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Defending Our Flag and Our Freedom

Between Independence Day and the World Cup, we have seen a lot of American pride on display recently. But take a minute to think about what that red, white, and blue piece of fabric really means.

What keeps a CSO awake at night?

Telos CSO and CTO Rick Tracy
Are you a CSO or security professional? What keeps you awake at night?

Recent CyberView Podcasts


STEM Education and the Arts with Wolf Trap Institute's Senior Director of Education Akua Femi Kouyate

CyberView welcomes art educator Akua Femi Kouyate to share insights into how art, music, and dance enhance STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning. A growing concern among cybersecurity professionals, particularly those responsible for securing military communications and critical infrastructure, STEM education is a national priority as we develop the workforce of the future. Akua brings over 35 years experience as a professional artist, arts administrator, researcher, and educator to her role as senior director of education for Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts.

Trout Unlimited Offers Peace and Healing for Wounded Warriors

Cyberview welcomes Alan Folger, Program Coordinator of TU’s Veteran’s Service Project.  Alan describes how the program works and shares a moving account of how it serves veterans who carry the physical and emotional scars of war. He talks about how the program came into being, describes some of its successes, and explains how volunteers can contribute to the effort. 

TSA and Airport Security with former Assistant TSA Administrator Justin Oberman

Cyberview discusses airport security beyond the often-discussed issues of passenger screening.  Justin Oberman was a founding member of TSA and later served as Assistant TSA Administrator. He was responsible for more than a dozen programs that identify potential threats to the nation’s transportation systems. Justin co-chaired a working group on DHS reform for then Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, and now advises companies, including Telos ID, in the transportation and security sectors.