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Today, government and business alike face threats unlike ever before. ¬†Advanced technologies and cybersecurity are critical to business success, personal safety, and national security. Welcome to the Telos Media Center, where you’ll gain insight into current trends in these most critical issues of our day. We encourage you to share this content and to join the conversation through these multimedia formats:

  • Empower and Protect – Telos subject matter experts offer their insights into current trends and developments in cybersecurity and information technology.
  • A View from the Wood – Telos CEO John Wood shares his ideas and passion for technology education, building a sustainable workforce, and the values that guide us.
  • CyberView Podcast – Hear experts from government and industry discuss critical issues facing cybersecurity experts today.

Recent Blog Posts


Best Practices for Designing Distributed Systems – Part 3

This multi-part series explores the different aspects of designing a distributed system, optimized to support the multitude of devices — the characteristics of distributed systems, the fallacies that come along with the concept of distributed systems, as well as suggestions on how to handle known challenges.


How to Protect Your Business from Reverse Engineering & Code Modification

Reverse engineering and code modification present significant security and business risks. They allow for malicious hackers (or competitors) to easily gain access to your proprietary source code, including your algorithms, ideas, data formats, licensing, security mechanisms, and potentially even your customer data.