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Cybersecurity isn’t the same thing as information assurance.

Is a paper shredder really a cybersecurity solution?

The Inevitability of Change - Transitioning to the NIST Risk Management Framework

The information security field has gone through a number of significant changes in its processes and technologies over the past 20 years. Change can be hard — but sometimes change has a long-term benefit that isn’t obvious at first. The latest change in the DoD infosec environment is the transition from DIACAP to the NIST risk management framework announced last March.

Kick Off the Summer with Three Cybersecurity, Innovation, and Emerging Technology Events

The first week of summer is upon us, and while many are hitting the beach or the golf course, we are busy showcasing our cybersecurity, mission planning, and network security solutions at three different events, from Baltimore, DC, all the way to San Antonio, Texas.

Cyber Insurance Could Benefit from A&A and Continuous Monitoring Processes

With the increase of high profile cybersecurity events, it is no wonder that cyber insurance has become more mainstream, even said to be “the fastest growing area of insurance.” But unlike traditional types of insurable events, there is range of impact associated with cybersecurity breaches

Cyber Sirens: Enchanting But Deadly

Underneath the 1’s and 0’s traversing the Internet rests an underbelly no one wants to talk about. We must always be on our guard when it comes to Internet security. 

The HeartBleed Data Call: Were You Ready?

Installing agents on your workstations and servers is the most efficient and reliable way to understand asset configuration, which is essential for determining susceptibility to vulnerabilities such as HeartBleed.

Coordination & Collaboration for Successful Emergency Planning, Response & Relief

Effective coordination and collaboration during planning, response, and recovery phases of an emergency can give public and private sector entities the ability to minimize loss of life and property... but the planning needs to start now, before the next emergency strikes.

FIPS 201-2 and Public Key Encryption Technology

Last August, NIST released FIPS 201-2, the latest version of their standard for secure PIV (Personal Identity Verification) credentials. The new standard introduces some concepts that are redolent of collaborative credentialing and symbiotic security, so I thought it would be useful to take a look at some of those new concepts.

Telos Demonstrates SE7EN Mission Planner at Marine South 9 - 10 April

Marine South is a unique opportunity for industry to showcase cutting edge technologies that support the dynamic nature of the Marine Corps mission.

Continuous Monitoring: Agents vs Vulnerability Scanners

Telos CSO and CTO Rick Tracy
Telos recently launched a product called Xacta Continuum™.  It’s an evolution of a product that Telos developed more than ten years ago. We called that product Xacta Continuous Assessment and it was designed to help automate testing of certain security controls associated with system certification.
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