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Coordination & Collaboration for Successful Emergency Planning, Response & Relief

Effective coordination and collaboration during planning, response, and recovery phases of an emergency can give public and private sector entities the ability to minimize loss of life and property... but the planning needs to start now, before the next emergency strikes.

FIPS 201-2 and Public Key Encryption Technology

Last August, NIST released FIPS 201-2, the latest version of their standard for secure PIV (Personal Identity Verification) credentials. The new standard introduces some concepts that are redolent of collaborative credentialing and symbiotic security, so I thought it would be useful to take a look at some of those new concepts.

Telos Demonstrates SE7EN Mission Planner at Marine South 9 - 10 April

Marine South is a unique opportunity for industry to showcase cutting edge technologies that support the dynamic nature of the Marine Corps mission.

Continuous Monitoring: Agents vs Vulnerability Scanners

Telos CSO and CTO Rick Tracy
Telos recently launched a product called Xacta Continuum™.  It’s an evolution of a product that Telos developed more than ten years ago. We called that product Xacta Continuous Assessment and it was designed to help automate testing of certain security controls associated with system certification.

Cybersecurity: Cutting the Gordian Knot

Capasso Paul 5x7
Whether fighting in the air, sea, land, or space domains, American power has dominated the warfighting landscape since the end of the Second World War. The newest warfighting realm, the cyber domain, is presenting a more perplexing scenario in the art of warfare.

Assessing the Security Posture of Software Vendors

Telos cybersecurity expert Dan Sherman
When evaluating software, business units need to evaluate not only whether the solution meets their business needs, but also whether it meets the security requirements of the organization. Based on the security of the offering, the risk of using the software or service may prove too high.

One Thing Federal Contractors (and Others) Should Demand This Election Year

Telos Government Relations Manager Robert Dupree
Over the past three years, I have watched an unbelievably dysfunctional Washington (Congress and the Administration) fail to put aside political grudges and find a way to work together, forge consensus and compromise, and perform their most basic ...

Join Us Next Week at the AUSA Winter Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama

Stop by booth #10 to share your cyber challenges and stories, and to preview capabilities that will assure the security of your enterprise networks and vital assets.

Cybersecurity is like a snowstorm, or not.

Telos CSO and CTO Rick Tracy
When the forecast for a snowstorm -- or a cyber event -- ranges between nothing and a disaster, it isn't really a forecast at all. It is a bad guess.

Continuous Integration through Microsoft Visual Studio’s Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Emerging Technologies
As the complexity of a software development project increases, there is a greater need for the development team to tighten integration, collaboration, and planning to control each step of the process.  The practice of “continuous integration” ...
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