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Who Influences You?

Telos CSO and CTO Rick Tracy
Like it or not, we are all products of our environments and our life experiences.  The people we choose to surround ourselves with, personally and professionally, have a huge impact.  My career in cybersecurity is a testament to ...

CyberPatriot Regional Round

Congratulations are in order for the NerdHerd, an all-girls CyberPatriot team from Stone Bridge High School. They placed second in the Mid-Atlantic Region in the Silver Tier of the Air Force Association’s CyberPartiot national cybersecurity education program!

Three Problems Facing Cyber Professionals When Manually Monitoring Security Controls

A common challenge that all organizations face -- whether federal agencies, the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), private organizations, or commercial entities -- is regulatory and policy compliance.

Has Subject Matter Expertise Gone to the Dogs?

Steve Horvath
From dog training to complex technology solutions – true subject matter expertise will deliver better outcomes.

Dear Santa Cyber

Capasso Paul 5x7
An open letter to Santa Cyber from a cybersecurity professional.

CyberPatriot Update – Rounds 1 and 2

I was impressed with the knowledge and skills the teams from Stone Bridge High School demonstrated during these first two rounds.

Turning Active Directory to Your Advantage for Fine-grained Identity and Access Management

When leveraging Active Directory to address enterprise identity and access control, having a flexible, standards-based platform greatly reduces cost, complexity, and risk.

Death, Taxes, and Getting Hacked... Just Part of Life

Every organization — large and small — is a potential target.

Coming Up: A New and Exciting Alamo AFCEA Gathering

Looking Forward to San Antonio’s Alamo AFCEA Conference and Expo. We’ll see you next week, October 27-30, at the Telos Booth - #30/31
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