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Telos Investing in Cybersecurity, Virginia, and Nation’s Future


Investing in Telos, Virginia, and our Nation’s Future 


In the first economic development announcement of his administration, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that Telos Corporation will receive a $500,000 grant from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund, add 160 new jobs in Virginia, and invest $5 million in modernizing our headquarters facility in Ashburn.


But the $5 million facility investment announced by the governor is only a small part of our overall plan to invest incrementally in the company over the next three years. This will include investments in R&D, capture management, training, and IT infrastructure – representing our renewed focus on research, product development, and innovation. 


Investing in innovation is important to the health of any company, but at this point in our history, cybersecurity innovation is critical to the Commonwealth and to our nation.


The extraordinary increase in cybercrime and cyber-attacks coupled with the precipitous decline in young people’s interest in science and technology poses a serious challenge to our nation. We will all benefit as more kids get excited about STEM disciplines, defending networks, and putting an end to cybercrime. 


Telos is committed to a substantial and sustained investment in innovation, workforce training, and product development. I encourage Governor McAuliffe to match our enthusiasm by putting real money into cyber research, and by developing an environment conducive to collaboration between education and industry. Our economy and our security depend on it.


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