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TAPS Honor Guard Gala Provides Message of Hope

I encourage you to watch these two must watch TAPS videos.

Telos ID’s Kimball Finalist for Executive Leader Award

The award is designed to honor those who have demonstrated commitment to support the needs of the Loudoun community. I can’t think of a more deserving person than Lisa.

Courage Caps for TAPS

It is an honor to play even a small role in helping members of the TAPS family heal and make new memories after the loss of their loved one. We could not be more proud to partner with the MSE Foundation and the Washington Capitals to raise funds and awareness for TAPS. Hats and t-shirts are available for purchase at the Verizon Center in section 104, or online at www.washingtoncaps.com/courage.

Telos Investing in Cybersecurity, Virginia, and Nation’s Future

In the first economic development announcement of his administration, Virginia Governor McAuliffe announced that Telos will receive a $500,000 grant from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund, add 160 new jobs in Virginia, and invest $5 million in modernizing our headquarters facility in Ashburn.

Holiday Traditions Worth Keeping

Telos CEO John Wood
Holidays are a time to disconnect from the clutter in your life so you can reconnect with family and loved ones. Here are a few ways that I plan to reconnect over the next few weeks.

The New Congressional Budget Deal: Yes, BUT…

Telos CEO John Wood
Recently someone asked me if I was pleased that congressional negotiators had finally reached a budget agreement. My answer was an immediate and emphatic, "Yes, but..."

Hope and Care For Our Veterans

Telos CEO John Wood
The word hope is thrown around a lot, whether in political campaigns or as a way to express a want or desire.  I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow.  I hope I win the lottery.  But what does it mean to have hope?   To have hope, means that you both desire ...

Not raising the debt ceiling is the economic equivalent of hitting the nuclear button.

Telos CEO John Wood
Our economy – and the world economy – is too important to be taken hostage.

Government Shutdown Does Not Save Money

Telos CEO John Wood
There is a piece of the government shutdown narrative that I think many people have missed over the last week.

Government Shutdown: A Pox on All Their Houses

Telos CEO John Wood
In the last year not a single appropriations bill was enacted into law, we are no closer to addressing entitlement spending and long-term deficits, and as of midnight last night the government has shut down, because our politicians are acting like children. 
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