STEM Education and the Arts with Wolf Trap Institute's Senior Director of Education Akua Femi Kouyate

CyberView welcomes art educator Akua Femi Kouyate to share insights into how art, music, and dance enhance STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning. A growing concern among cybersecurity professionals, particularly those responsible for securing military communications and critical infrastructure, STEM education is a national priority as we develop the workforce of the future. Akua brings over 35 years experience as a professional artist, arts administrator, researcher, and educator to her role as senior director of education for Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts.

Trout Unlimited Offers Peace and Healing for Wounded Warriors

Cyberview welcomes Alan Folger, Program Coordinator of TU’s Veteran’s Service Project.  Alan describes how the program works and shares a moving account of how it serves veterans who carry the physical and emotional scars of war. He talks about how the program came into being, describes some of its successes, and explains how volunteers can contribute to the effort. 

TSA and Airport Security with former Assistant TSA Administrator Justin Oberman

Cyberview discusses airport security beyond the often-discussed issues of passenger screening.  Justin Oberman was a founding member of TSA and later served as Assistant TSA Administrator. He was responsible for more than a dozen programs that identify potential threats to the nation’s transportation systems. Justin co-chaired a working group on DHS reform for then Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, and now advises companies, including Telos ID, in the transportation and security sectors.

Social Engineering by Hackers with Telos Director of Information Security Dan Sherman

CyberView discusses Social Engineering and how it is used by hackers with Dan Sherman, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Information System Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and Certified HIPAA Security Professional (CHSP). Dan is an advisory board member for the Computer and Network Security (CNS) program at Anthem Institute. He is a member of Infragard and a volunteer of the (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Program to teach young people about online security.

Cloud Computing in DoD with Brig Gen Greg Brundidge

CyberView discusses Cloud Computing in the DoD with Brig Gen Greg Brundidge, Director of Command, Control, Communications and Warfighting Integration, Headquarters U.S. European Command, Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany. He is responsible for providing EUCOM with the systems capabilities necessary to prevent conflict, respond to crises and conduct military operations.

Identity Technologies in Deployed Operations with LTC Richard Faulkner

CyberView talks with LTC Richard Faulkner about identity technologies in deployed operations. LTC Faulkner works for both Army Materiel Command and OSD, and is program manager for Synchronized  Predeployment Operational Tracker or SPOT.

Caring for Those Left Behind with TAPS Founder Bonnie Carroll

CyberView talks with Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) Founder Bonnie Carroll about the organization’s initiatives to support the families of America’s fallen heroes. Telos proudly supports the efforts of TAPS and the important services it provides.

Next-Generation Risk Management with Dr. Ron Ross

On this episode of CyberView, Dr. Ron Ross, senior computer scientist and information security researcher at NIST, discusses next-generation risk management . Dr. Ross leads the FISMA implementation project and is the principal architect of NIST's Risk Management Framework.

The Future of All Things Cyber with Gen. Michael Hayden

On this episode of Cyberview, we talk with retired Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and NSA, about securing cyberspace and the challenges associated with the newest warfighting domain.

Cloud Computing Adoption and Security with Rick Tracy

On this edition of CyberView, Telos CTO and CSO Rick Tracy discusses how cloud security adoption may actually enhance an organization's information security rather than increase the level of risk.
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