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Four Ways to Stay Secure While Working From Home

By Ian Fagan •  March 19, 2020

For those fortunate enough to have the option of doing their jobs remotely, here are some quick and dirty tips on how to work from home more securely:

  1. Keep your system connected to a corporate VPN. Even if you’re on your home Wi-Fi you should always connect to your company’s VPN when working. A corporate VPN will help keep your communications on that computer secure. It also keeps the computer connected to the corporate network so that it can receive critical updates from your company’s IT department.
  2. Keep your network and system up-to-date. In most companies the software on work machines is updated by the IT department. But your home network relies on you to manage updates. Make sure all devices on your home network are up-to-date, especially your internet router and Wi-Fi devices.
  3. Keep work and personal tasks separate. Corporate laptops should be used for work-related tasks only. For personal things, like online banking, use your own personal devices. Likewise, don’t do work on your home device. By keeping these tasks separate, you help keep security risks down while also maintaining healthy work-life separation.
  4. Keep your device in a safe place. When you’re done for the day, store all work in a secure area, including your laptop. While we all think of our homes as safe places, it is best to keep your work equipment put away and out of sight at the end of the day. Leaving your work computer in a locked room or desk reduces the risk of accidents and other misfortunes. The same preventative measures should be taken for work papers and portable devices.
Ian Fagan

Ian Fagan

Ian Fagan is the lead information security analyst at Telos Corporation. Follow him on Twitter: @I_Fagan See full bio...

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