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Cybersecurity Week in Review

By Robert DuPree •  April 13, 2019
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This week’s cybersecurity news in review includes articles on:

  • the latest developments for DoD’s efforts to boost its cybersecurity through cloud computing and the proposed JEDI contract;
  • the CIA’s push to develop a massive new cloud contract initiative;
  • the Justice Department’s funding request for a new program to better protect its data both on-prem and in the cloud;
  • the Army’s new emphasis on protecting utilities that serve military installations from cyber attacks;
  • the IRS’ budget request for funding to replace legacy IT systems; and
  • the proposal to create a new assistant secretary of the Navy position devoted to cybersecurity. 

There is also coverage of:

  • the FBI’s request for a cyber budget increase;
  • concern over DHS’ “flat” cybersecurity budget despite increased responsibilities and the cyber impact from the resignation of DHS Secretary Nielsen;
  • a new survey showing how many contractors have not even read important DFARS and NIST cyber standards and guidance;
  • JPMorgan Chase’s continued commitment to cybersecurity funding and its increasing emphasis on cloud and AI; and
  • the healthcare industry’s response to Sen. Mark Warner’s request for ideas on improving its cybersecurity posture.

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DoD narrows field for $10 billion JEDI cloud contract

Bloomberg reports that the Pentagon has announced that Amazon Web Services and Microsoft are the only bidders to have met the minimum requirements for its single award, $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract. Oracle and IBM are no longer in the running for the JEDI award, which is now expected to be made in July, barring further delays.  Read more…

CIA developing new cloud contract initiative

The CIA is reportedly working on a new commercial contract for commercial cloud computing services which, Nextgov says, could be worth “tens of billions” of dollars.  The Commercial Cloud Enterprise (C2E) is intended to “expand and enhance” the commercial cloud capabilities of the agency’s current cloud contract. Read more…

Department of Justice wants $2 million for new program to protect data on-prem and in the cloud

Justice Department officials told a House subcommittee April 9 the department wants $2 million in funding for a new program that will, according to FCW, enable it to protect high value assets and information in agency data centers and in the cloud. Read more…

Army cyber effort now includes protecting utilities supplying military facilities

According to Fifth Domain, Army Cyber Command has recently reprioritized some of its cyber protection teams’ workload to make protecting the utilities which support military installations a top priority. Read more…

IRS seeking new funding to replace legacy IT systems

FCW reports that the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service told a Senate panel April 10 that its budget request includes $290 million for IT modernization to replace the agency’s outdated legacy systems, and that as much as $2.7 billion will be needed in the following six years for that purpose. The money is being sought to, among other things, address new cybersecurity challenges to its systems on a proactive basis. Read more…

Navy Department proposing new assistant secretary post devoted to cybersecurity

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer told the House Armed Services Committee April 10 that creating a new assistant secretary for cybersecurity and improving Navy contractors’ cybersecurity posture are among the services top priorities for Fiscal Year 2020, FCW reports. Read more…

FBI seeks budget boost for cyber

GCN reports that FBI Director Christopher Wray told a congressional hearing April 4 that the bureau needs increased cybersecurity funding due to expanded cyber threats from abroad, the cost of providing cyber assistance to state and local governments and the private sector, and the growing challenges of combating botnets, ransomware and DDoS attacks.  Read more…

Is stagnant DHS cyber funding request adequate in face of its growing cyber mission?

Some cyber experts and others are questioning whether the proposed flat funding in FY 2020 for DHS cyber efforts will compromise its expanding cybersecurity mission, reports FCW.  In addition to not providing any real boost in funding for DHS cybersecurity operations, the President’s budget is also calling for sharp reductions in funding for the department’s R&D arm, the Science and Technology Directorate. Read more…

Nielsen resignation at DHS leaves Trump team lacking in cybersecurity expertise in its top ranks

The Washington Post reports on concern that the recent resignation of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who was one of the last remaining high-ranking individuals in the Trump administration with solid cyber credentials, could damage its varuiys cybersecurity initiatives.  Read more…

Survey highlights widespread contractor ignorance of DFARS cybersecurity standards and NIST guidelines

Defense Systems reports that a recent survey of military contractors and subcontractors found that under 60 percent of those responding have even read the applicable DFARS minimum security standards for their information systems, and nearly half of respondents had not read guidelines issued by NIST for protecting controlled unclassified information. Read more…

JPMorgan Chase head applauds cloud, AI

Security Week reports that the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, which spends roughly $600 million per year on cybersecurity, made statements in his annual letter to shareholders in support of cybersecurity and cloud computing, and noting the growing value and use of artificial intelligence (AI). Read more…

Warner request generates industry ideas to boost healthcare sector cybersecurity

In response to a request for input from Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), who is considering how to develop short- and long-term strategies to improve cybersecurity in the healthcare sector, several industry groups have responded with ideas. Gov Info Security reports that their suggestions include incentivizing greater cyber threat info sharing and establishing safe harbors for organizations which comply with industry best practices. Read more…

Robert DuPree

Robert DuPree

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