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Cybersecurity News in Review

By Robert DuPree •  March 19, 2020
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This week’s cybersecurity news in review includes articles on the possible cyber risks posed by federal employees teleworking due to the Coronavirus, various cybersecurity recommendations by the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, and GAO criticism of the cyber risks from OMB’s 2019 data center policy. There is also coverage of a potential billion-dollar Army cyber training contract, updates on contract spending and possible staffing changes at U.S. Cyber Command, and a new report on how the costs and downtime from cyber attacks increased in 2019.

Experts: Coronavirus telework means greater cyber risks for feds
Fifth Domain cites experts as saying that as more federal workers telework as a result of the Coronavirus, cybersecurity risks for federal agencies will likely escalate.  Read more

Cyber commission looks to restore White House cyber coordinator, boost CISA role
Federal News Network reports the congressionally chartered Cyberspace Solarium Commission has issued 75 recommendations for the government include restoring two cybersecurity positions eliminated by the Trump administration and making CISA at DHS the primary coordinator for federal cyber attack response.  Read more…

Commission urges new layered cyber deterrence and mitigation strategy
According to Fifth Domain, the report for the Cyberspace Solarium Commission is recommending a new “layered cyber deterrence” strategy, which includes strong collaboration between the government and private sector, to reduce both the probability and potential impact of cyber attacks.  Read more…

GAO faults OMB data policy center shift’s cyber risk|
Nextgov says a new GAO report is critical of a federal policy issued last year which redirected focus on closing major data centers instead of smaller groups of servers in offices, saying it has inadvertently made agencies more vulnerable to cyber attacks.  Read more…

Army issues draft proposal for billion dollar cyber training contract
Fifth Domain reports on a draft proposal from the Army for a potentially $1 billion contract to provide cyber training for the entire Defense Department.  Read more…

Cyber Command contracts doubled in value in 2019
Fifth Domain reports that recent congressional testimony from the head of U.S. Cyber Command, Gen. Paul Nakasone, indicates that CYBERCOM nearly doubled its contract spending last year.  Read more…

Congressional panel pushes Cyber Command on staffing
According to Fifth Domain, a March 4 House Armed Services Committee hearing discussed with the leader of U.S. Cyber Command his plans for evaluating whether CYBERCOM’s staffing needs to be beefed up.  Read more…

Report: Breach costs, downtime growing
According to Dark Reading, a new report released by Dell Technologies finds that the average cost of the downtime associated with a breach, and the cost of the breach itself, went up in 2019. Read more…

Robert DuPree

Robert DuPree

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