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Cybersecurity News in Review

By Robert DuPree •  June 14, 2019
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This week’s cybersecurity news in review includes coverage of a top intelligence official’s strong praise for the added security and efficiencies of cloud computing, a GAO report on the government legacy IT systems most in need of modernization and their cost to the taxpayer, an IG report on progress that is being made by DHS to address its own internal cyber weaknesses, a Pentagon IG report on continued problems with the implementation of DoD’s Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS) cyber defense system, and draft NIST guidelines designed to promote supply chain cybersecurity. There are also articles providing details on the House Appropriations Committee’s proposed FY 2020 funding levels for various cybersecurity initiatives within DHS and the Energy Department, as well as for IT modernization and cybersecurity improvements at the IRS.

U.S. intelligence leader praises IC’s cloud move, cloud security

Nextgov reports on recent comments by Sue Gordon, the principal deputy director of national intelligence, that the intelligence community’s 2013 decision to turn to cloud computing and a commercial cloud vendor was “one of the best decisions we made,” and that the cloud is more secure than the IC’s legacy systems. Read more…

GAO calls out top ten government legacy IT systems needing modernization

Nextgov and FCW examine a new GAO report on government legacy systems which, while not naming them specifically, discusses the ten critical systems most in need of modernization and how much they cost the taxpayers to operate and maintain. Read more here and here

IG report: DHS has worked to fix cyber vulnerabilities from previous FISMA audits

According to Fifth Domain, the DHS Office of the Inspector General’s semi-annual FISMA report says the department has taken the steps needed to address previously identified weaknesses. Read more…

DoD officials dispute IG report on Joint Regional Security Stacks implementation

The Pentagon’s inspector general has once again faulted DoD’s $2.2 billion Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS) cyber defense system for failing to meet a number of key objectives, but Federal News Network says defense officials are pushing pushed back on the IG’s findings and indicate there are no plans to delay or make changes in their deployment of the security architecture. Read more…

NIST taking steps to ensure security of the software supply chain

Nextgov reports that NIST released for comment on June 11 draft guidelines seeking to help vendors assure those who purchase technology that security has been “baked into every step of the software development lifecycle.” Read more…

 House bill would boost funding for DHS cyber agency above Trump proposal, current levels 

FCW says the FY2020 funding bill approved by the House Appropriations Committee for the Department of Homeland Security would provide $2 billion for DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which it says represents a $335 million increase from FY 2019 and also a more than $400 million increase above the level requested by President Trump’s budget proposal.  Read more…

House panel seeks funding for Energy Department grid protection cyber R&D

According to FCW, the House Appropriations Committee is proposing, as part of its version of the FY 2020 spending bill for the Energy Department, to fund a number of cybersecurity R&D initiatives to better protect the American power grid and other energy systems from cyber attacks. Read more…

IRS IT modernization, cybersecurity efforts gets funding increase in House spending bill

The House Appropriations Committee is proposing $290 million in FY 2020 funding to overhaul IT operations at the IRS, a $140 million increase above current levels. FCW says the funding would kick off the agency’s six-year $2.7 billion plan to replace outdated legacy systems and improve cybersecurity and customer service. Read more…

Robert DuPree

Robert DuPree

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