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Hyperscale Security Data for Continuous Risk Monitoring

By Stephen Horvath •  June 6, 2019

Always one to recognize the value of security data, Telos has been automating compliance and risk activities surrounding information technology for over 15 years.  Recently, we‘ve been noticing what amounts to a seismic shift; organizations have so much security data that it’s almost impossible to make heads or tails of it in a timely and meaningful way.

It’s not just the number of devices and vulnerabilities that have continued to pile up, but it’s also the emergence of new, almost ancillary data sets, that expose, help correlate or somehow help inform risk and compliance activities.  The depth and breadth of which, from a sheer volume perspective, is growing exponentially – and it’s not slowing down any time soon.

Taken together, to say it’s a lot of data would be like saying Mt. Everest is a good size hill.  As today’s enterprises begin to face the reality of managing their expansive scanning and monitoring data, technologies that once served users well are no longer sufficient. Extremely large data sets were at the core of a redesign of our Xacta framework, not to mention other capabilities that sometimes feel at odds – modularity, centralized content, cloud-agnostic deployments, open APIs, enhanced visualization, data archival and availability, advance reporting, and more.

Next week at Amazon Web Services Public Sector Summit in Washington D.C., I’ll be sitting down with my colleagues for a technical conversation on how these and other challenges drove the development of the new framework and architecture of Xacta.io.  We’ll focus on how a shift in development methodologies and the adoption of new cloud capabilities allowed us to build for hyperscale, which enables organizations to manage the enormous volume of security data while uncovering new risk insights.  Join us on Tuesday, June 11th at 2:45 PM for: Hyperscale Security Data for Continuous Risk Monitoring.

We’ll start the session with requirements from the security practitioner, but also touch on the development challenges and deployment solutions that have resulted in the new Xacta.io cyber risk management platform.  If you’re planning to attend AWS PSS DC, I hope you’ll join us for this session.  And stop by the Telos booth 407 to say hello at any point during the conference.

Stephen Horvath

Stephen Horvath

Stephen Horvath is the vice president of strategy and cloud at Telos Corporation. See full bio...

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