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Facing the Reality of IT Audit Fatigue Head-On

By A.J. Turcot •  February 21, 2020

Does your organization find itself scrambling to support data calls from multiple internal and external auditors to support varying IT risk management and compliance standards?  You are not alone.

Audit fatigue is a symptom of the growing IT risk management burden that organizations face today.  They must demonstrate compliance with a staggering list of information security standards that cut across both the public and private sectors, requiring a considerable amount of time, energy, cost, and expertise.

On Thursday, February 27, I will sit down with my Telos colleague, Steve Horvath, VP of Strategy and Cloud, to discuss the growing problem of audit fatigue, and what can be done to combat it.  This live webinar, called, Combatting Audit Fatigue in IT Risk Management, will focus on issues that arise from having to support multiple compliance regimes and will examine ways to harmonize standards that require varying levels of evidence and fidelity.

If you’re looking for strategies to help you meet the challenge and reduce the pain of audit fatigue, please consider joining us for this webinar on February 27 at 2pm ET.  Register here to save your seat:


A.J. Turcot

A.J. Turcot

A.J. Turcot, CISSP is an enterprise account executive at Telos Corporation. See full bio...

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