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The Next Chapter of Compliance – To the Cloud!

By Rick Tracy •  November 29, 2016
compliance in the cloud

More than sixteen years ago Telos developed Xacta to help organizations more efficiently manage IT risk and compliance.  Today, Xacta became available in the AWS Marketplace.

Accelerating security compliance has always been our mission.  We achieved this goal by using automation to greatly reduce time and effort associated with critical compliance management activities such as:

  • Selecting relevant controls
  • Establishing asset inventories
  • Creating testing plans
  • Automatically testing assets for compliance
  • Inheriting controls that have been pre-validated
  • Generating all necessary compliance reports

We were also the first to use automation to continuously validate controls compliance over time.  This function is now widely referred to as continuous monitoring.

These achievements were revolutionary and have earned us the reputation as the kings of compliance.compliance in the cloud

We value this distinction because compliance, specifically IT security risk and compliance, has become a critical business issue for organizations of every size across every industry.  At the same time many organizations are also embracing the cloud to streamline IT operations.

Compliance in the Cloud

With this in mind we have recently embarked on an initiative to move our IT risk and compliance management technology to the cloud.  The first step in this process is deploying an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) of Xacta Assessment Engine to the AWS Market Place.  This AMI is now available via the AWS East Region.

This AMI will greatly reduce the time and effort associated with procuring, installing, and configuring software.

It’s also important to note that the AMI can be used with traditional on premises Xacta solutions to allow organizations to manage hybrid environments.

We believe this cloud focus is essential to keep pace with the rapid cloud adoption trends that are underway, and the associated, often complex, compliance requirements.

This is just the first of a series of cloud-based advancements that we will be launching over the next few months.  Please stay tuned for more exciting updates associated with our migration to the cloud.


Rick Tracy

Rick Tracy is the senior vice president and chief security officer at Telos Corporation. Follow him on Twitter: @rick_tracy See full bio...

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