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Keep OPSEC Front and Center, Even When Working from Home

By Gianna Price •  April 22, 2020

I begin this blog post with the disclaimer that I am not an operational security (OPSEC) expert.  However, I am a product of years of effective OPSEC training.

During these critical times we are pushed to our limit.  Our accomplishments and shortcomings – as employees, colleagues, spouses, parents, caretakers, community members – are valid and should be acknowledged.  However, before you post on the internet, I encourage all of you to remember OPSEC — the protection of unclassified information that could be interpreted or pieced together to derive critical information in time to be useful to adversaries.

During this period of social isolation, we naturally want to collaborate with others whenever we can.  For most, that collaboration or venting of frustrations is taking place online.  Unfortunately, as I scroll through various online forums and feeds, I am seeing an uptick in discussions that would typically happen behind closed doors, and certainly would not have made it through an OPSEC review.  For instance, posts elaborating on the specific capabilities an organization does or does not have are making their way to social media boards and websites.

There is an awareness that we achieve about the secure work that we do while driving past the gates, guards and guns on a base, post or other secured compound.  It is extremely important for us as a community of government, military and contractors to remember OPSEC even while working from the comfort of our homes.  Support the mission; save the details for your chain of command and share the generalities with the public. For the sake of those on the front lines, pause before you post.  Ask yourself if there is a nugget of data that could be leveraged against us and consider removing it.  When in doubt, reach out to your security teams.

Gianna Price

Gianna Price

Gianna Price is an Xacta® solutions architect, cybersecurity subject matter expert, and compliance specialist with Telos Corporation. See full bio...

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