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Xacta.io: The Next Step in our Innovation Journey

By Rick Tracy •  September 26, 2019
Xacta Timeline

In just a few days, Telos will launch the general availability of  Xacta.io – our next-generation cyber risk management platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies to ensure massive scalability, ease of access to more types of data at hyper scale, and the ability to deploy in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment.

This is the next step in our rich innovation journey.

The History of Xacta

At Telos, we foresaw the need for automated cyber risk and compliance management before the industry existed. By listening to customers and responding imaginatively to their needs, we have continued to move the industry forward.

  • 1999 – At an Army IT conference, we demonstrated how we could automate the creation of a test plan that would normally take weeks to generate manually. The audience was amazed.
  • 2000 – The first version of Xacta was launched to an audience eager to reduce the time and effort associated with certification and accreditation. Within a year, we had our first enterprise-wide customer.
  • 2002 – We demonstrated Xacta to an industry analyst who years later would remember that meeting and herald Xacta as the catalyst for the IT GRC industry.
  • 2004 – When we demonstrated our automated continuous assessment capability to NIST representatives, the Continuous Monitoring industry was born.
  • 2012 — We introduced a vulnerability analysis tool that correlates results from multiple security products across an organization into a single view and maps them to the relevant security and risk management controls.
  • 2015 — We enabled the management of non-technical controls compliance with workflow-driven surveys and questionnaires.
  • 2016 – We partnered with Amazon Web Services to address cloud compliance automation requirements and simplified compliance management processes for complex environments (on-premises, cloud, and hybrid).

Telos has been innovating since we started building Xacta back in 1999. We have listened and adjusted to market needs throughout our history and led the market in new, progressive directions. We are the market leader in automating and operationalizing NIST-focused frameworks and standards.

Moving Forward

Enterprises are now ready to expand beyond traditional cyber risk and compliance management to do more with the  compliance data they already collect.  Xacta.io will enable them to blend it with other types of data to provide the intelligence needed to make better-informed decisions to more effectively manage cyber risk.

We are excited about this next chapter in the Xacta journey.

Rick Tracy

Rick Tracy

Rick Tracy is the senior vice president and chief security officer at Telos Corporation. Follow him on Twitter: @rick_tracy See full bio...

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