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Col. Stephen P. Corcoran USMC (Ret)

Col. Stephen P. Corcoran USMC (Ret)

Col. Stephen P. Corcoran USMC (Ret) is the director of cyber strategy for Telos Corporation. In this position, he assists the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community in developing and implementing full spectrum cyber capabilities and specialized mission applications.

Col. Corcoran spent 28 years in the United States Marine Corps specializing in information technology support in austere environments and retired in 2012. He was the first Marine to command the Joint Communications Support Element (Airborne), the Department of Defense’s premiere communications and information technology organization. Under his direction and command, the Joint Communications Support Element expanded into a global force provider and network provider with onsite forces in each of the Geographic Commands. The expansion occurred while the Element simultaneously provided a high level of support to Special Operations Forces in the United States Central Command area of responsibility, which includes Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Steve was the driving force behind synchronizing conventional and Special Operations Forces’ unique command, control and intelligence support requirements with innovative technological solutions.

Col. Corcoran has also held key staff positions of national significance with the United States Central Command in support of combat operations. Throughout his career, he has commanded at every level possible, provided operational C4ISR support at every Marine echelon and Special Operations Task Force, and has contributed and participated in virtually every major operation and combat action in the last 28 years. Col. Corcoran has been recognized for heroism and exceptional meritorious service in both peacetime and war. He attended every level of service school, earning academic honors, and was an instructor at the Marine Corps Amphibious Warfare School. He holds a Master of Arts in Military Studies and a Master of Science in National Policy and Strategy.

Get Moving and Keep Moving to Stay Secure on the Network

Col. Stephen P. Corcoran USMC (Ret)
August 3, 2016

In the IT sector, “staying on the move” means keeping your users and information constantly moving and hidden in your network environment.

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