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A Night of Female Empowerment at the TAPS Captain Marvel Screening

By John B. Wood •  April 9, 2019

Recently, Telos had the honor of hosting TAPS families, members of the U.S. Air Force, and Telos employees and their families at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum for a screening of the blockbuster movie Captain Marvel.

Prior to the movie, U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General Goldfein spoke to the guests about the theme of the night: female empowerment – the perfect theme for a movie featuring a female fighter pilot who ends an intergalactic war.

After the movie, I chatted with an Airman who was happy to have seen the film with his seven year old daughter.  He noted that Captain Marvel is a smart, powerful woman – a pop culture figure that he is happy his daughter can look up to. He went on to mention a line from the movie that meant a lot to him; when in the face of her enemy, Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) said simply, “I have nothing to prove to you,” a sentiment that he hoped his daughter, and the other young women in the audience, took to heart.  As a father, it was special to watch this movie alongside my own children, especially knowing that my daughter was listening.

At the screening, Bonnie Carroll, the founder and president of TAPS, and my dear friend, talked about the inspiring life that her mother led, a woman who overcame many barriers to become a pilot in World War II.  Bonnie is a wonderful example of what can happen when young women have strong, courageous women as role models. She has also led a courageous and selfless life, and has served as a role model for countless women and men throughout her life.

Thank you to everyone involved in Captain Marvel for introducing a character that can serve as a role model for many girls for generations to come.

John B. Wood

John B. Wood

John B. Wood is the chairman and CEO of Telos Corporation. Follow him on Twitter: @john_b_wood See full bio...

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