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Cheering for Loudoun Teams Competing in the CyberPatriot Challenge

By John B. Wood •  November 26, 2018

Telos Corporation is proud to sponsor 17 teams from the Academies of Loudoun (ACL) in the 11th CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition (CP-XI). If their team names are any indication, they promise to bring great creativity to the challenge:

WWIFATM 6 Figures The Big Bois
Schrodinger’s PC Stuck in Gold Geek Squad
Powerpuff Patriots Flipping Bottles Shattering Glass
HHNFLW Happy Tree Friends Comp-TEE-yuhh
Enigma Cat-8 The Salty Keychains
Chief Squad Farquaad Death Squad


These 17 teams recently competed in CP-XI Round 1, the first of two qualifying rounds that will separate teams into three skill tiers (Platinum, Gold, and Silver). Round 1 tested the teams’ skills in the basics of cybersecurity and challenged them with practical hands-on cybersecurity projects.  The teams also completed a Cisco Networking Quiz and Packet Tracer Activity.

To prepare, students have been working with their teacher coaches Jeremy Staples and Michelle Herwig to harden practice environments on a variety of platforms and work through Cisco networking fundamentals.

Technical mentors, Jackson Borneman and James Knapp, have also been coming in to show teams how they can use STIG analysis and vulnerability scanners to better assess and configure their systems.

I am always excited to see students actively involved in and learning about cybersecurity. Especially with our current workforce shortage, it is increasingly important to bolster interest in the field and increase the number of cyber professionals entering our talent pipeline. Good luck to all of the teams in Round 2!

John B. Wood

John B. Wood

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