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Efficient and Effective Solutions for Our Nation’s Airports

By John B. Wood •  October 30, 2012
I heard a pretty common phrase last week – do the best with the time you are given.  I’ve heard it before, but this time it got me thinking…
In the business world, time is money.  Quick, efficient and effective solutions fuel our economic engine.
One way we save our valuable time as individuals is through air travel.  Sure, it may be cheaper to drive from DC to Atlanta – but the valuable time saved is worth the airline ticket.  Now look at the other side of the coin; how do airports save time and money, without compromising the safety and security of their customers, passengers and employees?
This goes without saying, but airport security is critical to our national security, which is why commercial airports and airlines are required to conduct background checks for employees who work in secure areas.  A large US airport, along with its tenant businesses, may have tens of thousands of employees – which creates the onerous task of processing a large volume of background checks, in a timely fashion.
Luckily, that task has become easier.  Our Telos ID folks have established a presence in many of our nation’s airports with their Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-approved aviation channeling services – a Web-based solution that saves airports, air carriers and contractors precious time and resources.
Through Telos ID’s Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services, airports such as Dallas Fort Worth, Tampa, Burbank, Sacramento and Indianapolis are able to confidently, accurately and efficiently run fingerprint-based criminal history record checks and security threat assessments for all individuals who work in secured areas – including baggage handlers, food service staff, and maintenance crews.
Last year, TSA identified three vendors to become designated aviation channelers, able to transmit biometric and biographical data to the TSA to process security threat assessments. Telos ID is the first vendor to become authorized by the TSA to offer channeling services.
Along with processing fingerprints and security threat assessments quickly, simplifying fingerprint web capture, and eliminating redundant data entry, Telos ID DAC offers customers a level of reliability far beyond to which they’ve been accustomed.  Together, these attributes create a highly efficient product, saving our customer time.
As usual, I’m proud of our Telos ID team for producing and delivering such a valuable solution.
John B. Wood

John B. Wood

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